Saturday, February 7, 2009
Exciting!/ 10:09 AM

Yo ppl! Here's some random updates =)

Well well, basically these days I've been working on attachment.
I miss going back to school to dance,
but it's been great taking a short break for this entire week too.
I'm happy to go home early every night,
and see my parents so relieved that I'm going home early nowadays. =)

Meanwhile here's some stuffs I did on a random note.
Really really random!

Recently I found this Nike Dunks Template on deviantart,
hence I downloaded it and experimented with the designs and colours.
Didn't really have many ideas for it
so I just whacked whatever I could come up with.
Here's some stuffs I did:

Inspired by Mcdonald's Colours!

Inspired by Sexy Diamond. Notice the shoe lace's camou patterns!

Randomly inspired by the upcoming Dragonball movie...

It feels damn cool to design your own nike dunks!
But it's rather difficult too cos there's so many things to consider
and you tend to get fussy when you try damn hard to design what you want.
So i think i am fussy about my ideal shoe design. Haha!

Maybe that's partly why I have yet to buy a pair of Nike Dunks for myself.
Hopefully one day I will get one that I really like. =)

In the meantime, I had just realised that my life ahead is gonna be exciting,
especially in terms of dance.
In 10 days' time I will be in Osaka with Fong, Darren and Rahim,
and I'm so looking forward to meeting Hilty & Bosch once more.

March brings LCL's first year anniversary celebrations,
training and preparation for NYP Club Crawl's locking item,
planning for a battle competition to be organised with Chris,
and also preparing for performance item for Max Party 6.

In April there's the Taiwan trip with Fbodz,
gonna perform and also battle at Max Party 6,
as well as travelling around to meet lockers around Taiwan.
And right after returning from Taiwan, it'll be my birthday.
Dope! =D

May will be a hectic month whereby there's KO Night,
which goes all the way to end of June.
And to end off June, there's 'The Big Groove',
which is going to be just 2 days after KO Night Finals!

Aren't it really exciting for everyone? Haha!
Oh yes, supposedly there's going to be a recital with Natasha Studio too.

I seriously don't know what will happen within these few months,
but I will be looking forward to experience everything and improve myself!
Not just as a dancer, but also as an instructor, leader, organiser, etc.

Hopefully I'll get freelance designing jobs in the meantime as well.
I want to save up a lot of $$$..
Then go out and meet up with BFF and other friends for outings, gatherings,
maybe chalets or at least BBQs.
I wanna catch up on those ppl that I hasn't met or talked to for a long while!

6 more days to end of attachment,
10 days to Japan,
and so many more things to come my way before i go to army.
Perhaps, this will be the most fulfilling year of my life.

Hopefully all goes well. =)
It better be!

Thursday, February 5, 2009
I..../ 10:18 AM

I don't know what is it that I should do.
I can only wait and see what happens, is it?

I need to know what I am truly feeling,
I need to sort out my thoughts,
I need to face all the unhappiness and guilt that comes with it.

I hope to find an answer soon,
I hope that I can overcome all the barriers that lies within me,
I hope that this won't drag on and on anymore.

I am trying to be optimistic but faces many uncertainties.
I am doing my best to be brave and not run away from it all.
I am going to jiayou and make sure that I won't crumble.
I am not going to succumb under pressure.

I am tired, but I want to be happy.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009
We Are Family/ 9:44 AM

A lot of things were being said last night between everyone,
but a common understanding wasn't reached.

It's all but a big misunderstanding all round,
and everyone has their own reasons for what they said...
However it's true that if certain things were explained better,
such a big conflict would have been avoided...

Sometimes it's more important to be tactful than being honest..
It's not wrong to be honest and transparent to everyone,
but sometimes the truth may hurt more if not explained clearly.
Somehow people are confused between the personal and the official reasons given,
hence the confusion and the impression of bias.
But since it's supposedly explained not to be biased,
why is it so contradicting when certain personal reasons were brought up?

To most people, all they want is a proper explanation
as to why some were not considered to be among the "chosen ones"...
They don't want to feel that they are being left out,
they don't wanna feel that it's biased...
They asked for an explanation, hoping that it's not really a case of bias.
But contradicting explanations were given
and in the end things only look more biased than ever...

It's already a big blow to be excluded like this,
so all they want is some consolation and explanation to ease their unhappiness.
Even white lies would have made them feel more comfortable,
so as to help them cope with the disappointment...

I'm not shooting anyone here btw, I am standing on neither side of the argument..
I am simply saying what is going on for both sides.

So on the other side, it has been very tough for him to handle the entire case.
Past experience from last year's incidents were already painful enough,
there's no need for a repeat offence.
All he can do is to do his best for everyone,
but when he's bounded by so many restrictions, this is the best he can already give.
Regarding the justifications given, I believe it wasn't a personal opinion,
but it's the justifications that has to be given to the school.
The choice of people may appear deliberate and biased,
but the truth is that these people does have most credentials to be justified in a way,
so as to convince "you-know-who" to give us the money.

Let's ignore the parts about personal and being comfortable,
the truth still is that "you-know-who" can only look at the surface and say
"Yes i know him/her. He/She has a post / They joined competitions and won,
So I'm okay with giving him/her the money"
Frankly speaking you can't expect her to know every single one from the club,
hence it's harder to justify for those who she don't really know.
It isn't that the rest aren't important to the club, that they don't contribute,
but it's that "you-know-who" can only help those who appears to be justified on the surface.
Everyone is part of the club, everyone contributes in one way or another,
and this trip is supposedly able to let everyone bond and have fun too...
But when it comes to money issue,
especially when we all know how fussy those ppl up there can be,
this is already considered the best solution available.

It is sad for those who is deemed not justified to be included,
but this is wad we have to accept when "you-know-who" can only look at the surface.
Considering that last year's trip was screwed,
the fact that we still got this opportunity this year is already a big blessing.
It's a chance for the club to redeem last year's mistakes,
so we gotta do our best to get things right.

What we can do to help ease the load of those not among the chosen list,
is to try to share the costs of as many things as possible.
As long as it is within our means and control, I don't see why we can't do that.
Talking about being family, this is how we can help each other..
Everyone has to sacrifice for one another, so that everyone can go for the trip,
enjoy it to the fullest and make it less financially taxing for everyone.

Personally i don't mind spending more so that others not included can spend less.
As a family we should work within our means,
and not quarrel about what we cannot change.
I do agree that a lot of things could have been explained better,
but hopefully that thru my post here people can get a clearer picture of what's going on.

This whole incident makes me don't even want to be subsidised anymore.
Cos i feel for those not subsidised... I do believe that yes, we are a family.
We still are, no matter what was being said last night.
Hopefully everyone can let this grudge go and move on,
and work together to make this trip happen.
It will be a great one for everyone if we are willing to sacrifice for each other. =)

Jiayou bro,
jiayou to everyone else too who has to work hard and save $ for the trip.
I will be praying hard that everything goes well. =)

don't wanna be left hanging on a thread...
everyone, just clear things up yea?

Wednesday, January 28, 2009
Moo Year/ 10:15 AM

CNY this year feels odd.
There's something weird in the air,
and all those visits just seem to be more like a routine rather than with a true purpose.
Perhaps the only purpose is to give/take red packets,
gamble and eat and drink to the fullest,
then go back home and count how much money u have left.

That's what i see.

Maybe the younger generation like us are feeling the difference...
I don't think we embrace the traditional values of CNY as much as our elders.
Most of us are brought up by the mentality that CNY is a time for red packets and food,
but will we even remember the relatives we visit?
do we truly know who is who? what is everyone's name?
will we still visit the same relatives again 10 or 20 years down the road?

I'm losing sight of what CNY is supposed to be like...
Sigh. Whatever.

I'm now facing probably the biggest crossroad in my life.
Whichever decision i make at the end of it,
I have to sacrifice something, though I will gain something too in return.
It's rather inevitable and I can only accept it.

Hopefully everything will be resolved soon. =)

Year of the Ox, may it be a great one.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009
HAPPY CNY 2009/ 12:07 AM


Have a great year of the ox ahead! =D

it's a new beginning, hopefully. =)

Friday, January 23, 2009
My World Thru Lens./ 11:50 AM

This world is a cold one for those unhappy and depressed,
a warm one for those basking in the bliss of happiness,
a cool one for those enjoying life,
and stormy one for those going thru the toughest times of their lives...

At different point of times, we have different thoughts about the world we live in.
So what exactly is our world made of?

I had a rather long conversation with BFF this morning, and a lot of things were said.
Which kinda made me think a lot, hence I'm blogging here about my thoughts...
We were on a topic related to my DSLR camera,
and during the conversation I realised how much my life was changed because of a camera.

Looking at life thru the lens of a camera does bring a very different perspective of life.
You can choose to beautify the things u see,
or you can choose to capture the uglier images and see how unglam this world can be.
You can capture raw emotions of everything,
be it happy or sad, depressed or overjoyed.
You can capture whatever is beautiful on the surface,
but beneath that surface could be something beyond what the camera captures.

There's so many ways you can twist the world with a camera,
so twisted that you can't differentiate what's real and what's not;
yet it can also capture things so real and vivid,
you'll feel like you're at the scene of the picture yourself...

This isn't just the only reasons why I love taking pictures.
Every picture may have its own story,
and similarly every photographer takes pictures for different reasons.
To me, the camera is my best companion when I feel lonely.
It is a friend that lets me see things from a different perspective,
to understand how beautiful yet ugly the world can be,
and also to capture moments that can leave a lasting impression for life.

The camera also acts as a veil that hides a photographer's thoughts.
Behind the lens, you do not see the photographer's face,
nor are you able to feel what he/she is feeling with every picture he/she takes.
Pictures taken may portray the happiest of moods,
but does that mean that the photographer was in a happy mood too?

Not necessarily.

With my camera I can look at things differently from what my naked eyes tell me.
It's just different when u simply put a frame to the things u see.
Can we apply this logic too to the reality we face?

Maybe we can all just try to see the world like it's made up of beautiful pictures.
At least it's a way to see things more happily.

And i can only sigh behind the lens...

Thursday, January 22, 2009
Random Update./ 2:19 PM


Well I spent my time designing some shirts for LCL recently, and here's 5 designs...
Not really sure if I will just choose 1 or all 5 for LCL,
but personally I wish to print all 5 for myself eh hahaha!

Please do post comments if there's any designs you think is best!

Later on there'll be a LCL session too at RP.
I'm looking forward to it, coz it's been 2 months since the last session!

Will also be meeting BFF later to go CWP for a while.

And damn i hasn't been able to wake up on time lately in the morning.
For this week I've been taking cabs to work 3 times out of 4.
Today was best, i woke up at 840am when my work's at 9.
I took cab and reached at 915am,
with the cab fare at a whooping $17 including peak hours surcharge.
I had to pay with nets as i dun have enough cash.

I'm going broke very soon at this rate...
Coz i've been using my nets pretty often these 2 weeks,
I dunno how much's left of my pay from last month.
I only earned $184.90 cos i had 3.5 weeks leave due to my chicken pox.
Now i supposed i've already spent $50, $60 of it already...
That's like, 1/3 of the pay?!

Someone enlighten me how to save up for Osaka and Taiwan. =/

Meanwhile my aunt brought my laptop to repair today.
There is a high chance that it has to be reformatted...
Sigh. There goes my files... =((

Well well... the coming week feels very busy.
But at least the last day of january is Funkamania Finals @ City Alive,
feels like a great night to end off a very eventful first month of 2009.
I can't wait!
Trademark, Ruff Jack Represents and Poppers Action Party,
you guys will do great for sure. =)

so near and yet so far.

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